Cannabis Retail Spotlight: Collective Growers

June 1, 2022

Collective Growers is a boutique cannabis retailer located in Ottawa and Pembroke, offering a curated collection of recreational cannabis and accessories. First opening their doors in the Ottawa Valley, December 2020, Collective Growers prides itself in offering popular and emerging brands, but also cannabis products supplied by craft growers. No matter what point of the cannabis journey a guest may be on, Collective Growers takes an open, accepting, and interactive approach to all customers interested in purchasing or learning more about cannabis. Discover the story behind Collective Growers, what makes them different and how they stand out as a Canadian cannabis retail store!

Q: Tell us about Collective Growers and your story as a Canadian Cannabis Retailer?

Collective Growers is a boutique cannabis retailer offering an expansive collection of curated cannabis products and accessories for recreational use. Our two locations — in Ottawa and Pembroke — feature a chic and charming environment where consumers can discover the cannabis plant’s majestic properties and learn about our product selections.

Q: How did you establish your brand as a retailer? What does your store brand stand for?

Our objective was to build an amiable brand; we wanted people to feel welcome coming into our stores and comfortable asking questions, whether they are experienced users or beginners. Our consumers can enjoy friendly and highly knowledgeable service — with the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Q: What was the first community you popped up in? Why did you decide to open your first store in this location?

We opened our first location in the city of Pembroke last year. We chose this area because one of our founders was born and raised in the city and has deep ties to the community. Our goal was to make cannabis locally accessible, as people often had to commute to the reserve or city to purchase cannabis products.

Q: What do you look for when deciding to open a store in a new community?

We look for communities in which demand is high and competition is low. We will be opening a new location in Sandy Hill and another on Sparks Street in the near future.

Q: What is your in-store experience like? How would you describe the atmosphere?

Our stores were designed to give customers a breath of fresh air and put them at ease. All our locations offer a beautiful, clean environment, decorated with lush plants. Our budtenders are always professional, warm, and approachable, facilitating pleasant and comforting customer experiences.

Q: Is there a certain product line-up you like to focus on?

Rather than focusing on one specific product line, we prefer to carry a wide range of them. We carry everything, including concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, topicals, seeds, and drinks. We strive to ensure consumers of all types have an endless list of options.

Q: How do you bring your brand to life in-store? What tools do you use to create the best in-store experience and customer service?

What brings our brand to life is our team’s unmatched customer service and our deluxe, relaxing atmosphere. We use state-of-the-art learning tablets to provide the best in-store experience, allowing consumers to explore the various ways they can use cannabis without feeling rushed or pressured. Those who prefer a more interactive experience can enjoy a good conversation and personable service.

Q: How do you ensure your budtenders have the best access to cannabis education and product knowledge to inform customers?

Offering in-depth product knowledge has always been a significant priority for us. We hold regular product knowledge team sessions with licensed producers who outline everything there is to know about their products. Our budtenders offer current, in-depth knowledge about all aspects of our products — from the type of soil our flowers were grown into the best remedies for specific ailments.

Sensory display cannabis pods at Collective Growers — flower displays that offer a magnifying lens for closer flower inspection and the ability to smell cannabis flower prior to purchasing

Q: Who uses O2O for your store?

We believe O2O is an excellent resource that conveniently provides retailers with up-to-date brand and product information. Our store manager and budtenders are perpetually checking it and using it to bring in swag, display posters and digital assets.

Q: What products are your favourite? Do you have any new products that you are most excited about coming to market in Ontario?

We have been loving edibles and drinks — and so have our customers! These products are relatively new to the industry, and they are perfect for those who want to consume cannabis without smoking it. We carry a wide array of edibles and as many drinks as we can from the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Q: What future aspirations or hopes do you have for the cannabis space/community?

We would like to see less stigma associated with all types of cannabis use. We want more communities to view cannabis consumption as an acceptable recreational activity, comparable to having a drink or buying a lottery ticket. We also hope the broader community normalizes reaching out to a dispensary for CBD oil or topical lotions for conditions like muscle pains and ache.

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