Welcome to the new O2O

July 25, 2022

We are so excited to introduce the newest version of O2O to you! Over the past year we have been developing a platform that will bring together cannabis brands and retailers like never before to create meaningful connections and further product knowledge across the country.

O2O was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic as a workaround to the conventional method of bringing cannabis brand sales material to retailers. Today, O2O has grown into a platform that services dozens of top cannabis brands and thousands of retailers across Canada.

Throughout the past year, we have spoken with stakeholders to better understand what difficulties they face working in the cannabis industry, and what we can do better as a platform to drive the industry forward.

With that in mind, we set off to continuously improve O2O and help promote better product knowledge, as well as assist in generating better connections between brands and retailers.

"Our vision for O2O is to continuously help brands and retailers connect and thrive in even the most challenging times. As the cannabis industry evolves, companies are looking to increase efficiencies and ROI. We've kept this top-of-mind as we built the new O2O platform and layered in additional service offerings to assist increasingly lean marketing and sales teams do more with less - and more and more our clients rely on us to be an extension of those teams, which is a role we're happy to take." - Tyler Sookochoff, Co-founder and CEO

With the launch of the newest version of the O2O platform, we’ve released a plethora of new features that will aid both our brand and retailer users.

For brands, it has never been easier to connect with retail stores that have interest in your products. Whether they currently carry your products or may carry them in the future, O2O allows you to connect with these retailers and provide them with knowledge about what makes your products stand out from the rest.

An exciting new feature we have introduced for brands is the ability to segment retail stores into different user groups. Do you have key account stores that you've established relationships with? By building a user group on O2O, you can ensure they are privy to your top assets and can even be targeted with specific updates on your O2O Activity Feed.

What’s an O2O Activity Feed, you ask? Brands now have the ability to share product and brand updates directly on their O2O profile for retailers to follow!

For retailers, we have made it easier to connect with the brands you carry in-store or are thinking of bringing onto your menu. In fact, we’ve heard from many retailers who search O2O for products to carry BEFORE they order them from their wholesaler. Why? Smart retailers know that marketing is more important than ever, and before they bring products in-store they want to ensure the brand provides the marketing assets needed for retailers to effectively educate and inform their customers. So we’ve made better product discovery a big part of the new O2O.

Retailers now have the ability to follow brands or even products on O2O. Carry a specific strain in your store? You can now see all available physical and digital assets that have been created for that product and order them directly to your store at no cost to you!

If retailers have a question for a brand, they can now connect one-on-one with the brand on our new in-app messaging.

We have so many new interesting features for both our brands and retailers to enjoy - and don’t worry, we have many more exciting features on the way!

Thank you for taking this journey with us and helping us continue our mission to unite the needs of cannabis companies and create inspirational collaborations!

If you're a retailer interested in signing up for O2O, visit https://app.useo2o.com/register

If you're a brand looking to learn more about how to get listed on O2O, visit https://useo2o.com/contact

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